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"Monozukuri" and "Trade"
are fused to provide better value to customers.

Photo: Shinji Nikko President

Shinji Nikko President

Playing a leading role in the Teijin Group's product converting business, Teijin Frontier was established by unifying a textile specialty trading firm and textile manufacturer, and by fusing the functions of a manufacturer with those of a trading firm, we have acquired uniqueness and superiority in various fields of apparel and industrial textiles.

We are "a company that provides better value to our customers and partners", and have an intention of being "a company wanting to create and offer an environment where people can live in more peaceful and comfortable society".

In the apparel sector, we are strengthening our organization to meet the various needs of our customers with an integrated production system extending from yarns to fabrics and apparel manufacturing.

Our company is also endeavoring to achieve higher quality and quality stabilization in the apparel we produce for labeling our products as "safe and reassuring".

In the field of industrial textiles, Teijin Frontier provides stable, safe and reassuring service to our customers levering on the extensive know-how we have accumulated over the years in various sectors, as well as offering a variety of converting proposals in compliance with the needs. We are also strengthening our business activities even in the sectors of environment, energy saving, disaster prevention and health care, where demands are growing year after year around the world.

In order to contribute to a more comfortable society with the creation of new value, the New Business Development Office was established in October last year. This Office is to create new businesses with cooperation from the Teijin Group and with industrial, academic and governmental sectors, in response to new needs produced by the maturation of society and progress made in science and technology.

Furthermore, we attach great importance to the relationship with society as "a good corporate citizen of society", and are promoting various business activities that take the global environment into consideration and aim at achieving a sound environment for the human rights and labor conditions of workers.

Continuing developments for a more prosperous future, we are Teijin Frontier always appreciate and look forward to your continuous support and encouragement.

June, 2016

Shinji Nikko

Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd.