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Activity Highlights
Social Contribution Activities as a Good Corporate Citizen
Participating in Contribution Activities Aimed at Coexistence with Society

We not only contribute to society through our corporate activities, but also participate in a variety of social contribution activities to become a good corporate citizen in an attempt to coexist with society.

Cultural Support

Since 2010, Teijin Frontier has sponsored the OSAKA STYLING EXPO, a project aimed at disseminating information about the Osaka lifestyle in the areas of apparel, food and housing organized by the city of Osaka and the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Employee Volunteer Activities
Picture Book Gift Activities: Book Dream Project

Since 2008, the entire Teijin Group has participated in the Book Dream Project, a social contribution project that donates picture books to libraries in Indonesia and Thailand. Used books, CDs and DVDs are collected from Group employees using the home book delivery service operated by the Book Off Online Corporation, then exchanged for money that is used to purchase the picture books donated to libraries in Indonesia. Teijin Frontier has participated in this project since fiscal 2009.

As of March 2011, the Teijin Group had collected approximately 3,800 used books and CDs totaling ¥109,378. This was donated to the Shanti Volunteer Association’s Thai library activities. Some 52 picture books were also donated to libraries in Indonesia.

Photo: Book Dream Project

Employee Volunteer Activities
Participation in the TABLE FOR TWO Program

Photo: TABLE FOR TWOSince fiscal 2011, the Teijin Group has participated in the TABLE FOR TWO program, which is engaged in alleviating hunger in developing countries and lifestyle diseases in developed countries. For every meal selected from the low-calorie healthy donation menu in the employee cafeteria, ¥20 (equivalent to the cost of a developing country school lunch) is donated through NPO TABLE FOR TWO International to purchase school lunches for children in developing countries.

In May 2015, this program was launched at the Teijin Osaka headquarters cafeteria, which is also where the Teijin Frontier headquarters is located.

Employee Volunteer Fundraising Activities
Oxfam Trailwalker Tohoku 2015 Participation and Sponsorship

Twelve company volunteer walkers and two supporters led by Teijin President Shinji Nikko participated in Oxfam Trailwalker* Tohoku 2015 held at Mt. Adatara in Fukushima Prefecture from July 11–12, 2015, a fundraising activity involving a 50-kilometer hike. Teijin continues to take part in this event, traditionally held in the environs of Mt. Fuji, but moved this time to Fukushima Prefecture in support of Great East Japan Earthquake recovery efforts.

As a sponsor of this event, we provided all 1,400 participants as well as volunteer staff with T-shirts made from our original DELTAPEAK™ CR material. DELTAPEAK™ CR is a popular all-season sportswear material that substantially reduces discomfort caused by sweat.

Note: Oxfam Trailwalker is an event aimed at providing people with support to overcome poverty. Four person teams assisted by team sponsors (donators) comprising coworkers and friends attempt to walk 50 km in 24 hours. Up to now, this event has been held in Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Holland, Canada, Belgium and Ireland. It has been held in Japan annually since 2007.

●Oxfam Trailwalker Official Website

>> https://oxfam-mng.com/web/about_e/

Photo: Oxfam Trailwalker Tohoku 2015 (1)

Photo: Oxfam Trailwalker Tohoku 2015 (2)

Photo: Event T-shirts made using sweat-wicking, fast-drying DELTAPEAK™ CR material, which prevents cold and stickiness caused by sweat.

Event T-shirts made using sweat-wicking, fast-drying DELTAPEAK™ CR material, which prevents cold and stickiness caused by sweat.