Group Companies




Principal Office Room 2901, Shanghai International Trade Center, 2201 Yan-an Road (West), Shanghai, 200336 P.R. of China
Telephone/Facsimile Telephone: +86-21-6275-4221    Facsimile: +86-21-6275-3283
President Tohru Hashiba
Established April 1996
Capital stock CNY 21.3 million
Shareholder Teijin Frontier (100%)
Number of employees 164 (as of the end of June 2016)

Dalian Office
7/F, Senmao Bldg., NO.147 Zhongshan Road Dalian, Liaoning, P.R. of China
Telephone: +86-411-8367-6606    Facsimile: +86-411-8367-66099

Qingdao Office
24C Qingdao International Finance Centre NO 59 Xianggang Middle Road, Qingdao, Shandong, P.R. of China
Telephone: +86-532-8579-5886    Facsimile: +86-532-8579-5889

Guang Zhou Office
Room 2713, Guang Bai Business Building, 12, Xi Hu Road, Yue Xin District, Guangzhou, 510030 China
Telephone: +86-020-3761-0428    Facsimile: +86-020-3761-0423


Import and export, domestic sales, and third-country trade

Sales department consists of eight divisions: Products Division Ⅰ, Products Division Ⅱ, ODA apparel Division, Apparel Design Division, Raw Material Products Division, Industrial Materials Division, Car Materials Division and Interior Division. The company's operations include export and import, transactions inside and outside bonded areas, intermediary trade and transit trade, and simple processing. Products include general apparel, fibers for industrial use, fiber materials, interior products, automobile materials, chemical products (resins and films), and machinery (oil hydraulic motors).