What We Do: Textile & Apparel Division Group

Textile & Apparel Division Ⅲ

Evolving trading company functions, building full partnerships with prime customers, and evolving the apparel OEM business in the Tokyo market

As the headquarters for the Tokyo Metropolitan area market, we are focused on business-related men's heavy apparel (e.g., suits) materials, women's heavy apparel (e.g., one-piece outfits) materials (including formal wear), and knit materials. We aim to build full partnerships with prime customers who lead the Japanese fashion industry, and establish evolutionary OEM business in the same market. In addition, at our Harajuku office, we are addressing needs of clients who lead today's fashion trends. We are expanding our business fields, from raw procurement of casual materials to commercialization and project planning.


Product lines
men's heavy goods, women's formal wear, women's heavy goods, men's and women's casual wear for SPA, medium- and high-grade women's knits, baby wear, undergarments, and general merchandise.

Tokyo Textile & Apparel Division