What We Do: Industrial Textiles & Materials Division Group

Industrial Textiles Division

Perpetually evolving top company in the industry with established superiority securely rooted in specialties and advanced function-based services

In the industrial fabric related business, which is positioned as our core business, we place emphasis on our overwhelming track records and special capabilities; we focus on Teijin tents and reinforce sales of synthetic sailcloth, tarpaulin and aero shelters, and establish the top position in the industry by launching new products and creating new business models.
We also provide services that satisfy the market needs just in time in a wide range of business fields, including sales of materials for environment related products such as anti-dust filters, sales of high-functionality/four-axis fabrics for the sports and leisure fields and sales of fiber materials for civil engineering, construction, agriculture and fishery applications.

Product lines
Anti-dust filters and other materials for environment applications, materials for civil engineering, construction, agriculture and fishery-related applications, synthetic sailcloth, tarpaulin, industrial fabrics for automobile applications, tent fabrics, aero shelters, polyester fiber for non-woven fabrics, non-woven fabric products, civil engineering materials, electrical insulating materials, fabrics (high-strength polyester, meta-aramid fibers, para-aramid fibers, carbon fibers etc.), agricultural materials, fishery materials, materials for tatami mats, sewing threads, embroidery threads, filters, polyester fiber for felt materials/woven fabrics

Industrial Fabrics Division