What We Do: Technology & Production

Technology & Production Division

A Group of Technology and Manufacturing Experts That Uses Proprietary Technologies to Create Raw Materials and Products and Handle Manufacturing Quality Control

The Technology & Production Division comprises four sections, the technology management division, the technology development division, the production and quality control division and the fiber production division. We develop new raw materials and manufacturing process technologies. The department also takes charge of developing production technologies aimed at production efficiency, as well as production and quality control.

In terms of technology development, we develop raw materials and products that are differentiated and competitive in the marketplace in the fields in which Teijin Frontier develops its business apparel, industrial materials and new fields of business based on market needs from a variety of customers. Our own laboratories and the technology development capabilities of individual factories form the foundation for this development. We have numerous laboratories in Japan and overseas, including the Center for Basic Research on Fibers (Matsuyama), the Technology Development Center (Matsuyama), Teijin Product Development China Co., Ltd. (Nantong, Jiangsu Province) and the Thai Innovation Laboratory (Pathum Thani). Through these and the factories of Teijin Frontier and the Teijin Frontier Group, we concentrate on researching and creating new raw materials and technologies that are unique and superior. Furthermore, in response to the rapid advances in technology society has experienced in recent years, we forge technology tie-ups with universities, government offices and private-sector companies to accelerate our research and development, and take the lead over competitors by creating markets for products in new categories.

In the area of production technology, we are involved in quality control and quality enhancement for all Teijin Frontier's products. We operate factories in Japan (non-woven fabric factory/Ibigawa, industrial fiber factory/Iwakuni, functional fiber factory/Matsuyama, cord factory/Matsuyama) and a production group company (Tedy)/Matsuyama)) to achieve appropriate levels of production and raise production efficiency.

Photo: Technology & Production Division

Principal Research Institutions

● Center for Basic Research on Fibers (Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture)

This center products high-value-added, highly functional fibers, including multicomponent composite filaments and ultrafine steple fibers. Centering on polyester fiber production technology cultivated over many years, the center develops fiber formation technology through polymer modification and the application of leading-edge technologies, pursuing the development of fibers that are competitive and unique.

(Location) 77, Kita-Yoshida-cho, Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan (within the Matsuyama Factory site)

Photo: Center for Basic Research on Fibers and Raw Cotton

● Technology Development Center (Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture)

This center has manufacturing, processing, measurement and evaluation equipment for various types of materials and products, including various types of non-woven fabrics for filters and fiber structures, as well as rubber reinforcement materials. The center uses this equipment for the research and development of products differentiated from yarns. The center also conducts R&D for individual Teijin Group businesses, working to create new solutions (products and services) that integrate divisions.

(Location) 2345, Nishihabumachi, Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan (within the Matsuyama Office site)

Photo: Technology Development Center (Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture) (1)

Photo: Technology Development Center (Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture) (2)

● Teijin Product Development China Co., Ltd. (Nantong, Jiangsu Province)

This company develops textiles industrial materials, for use in highly functional apparel, uniforms and other clothing applications, as well as in automotive, electronics and environmentally conscious product applications. The company also develops the product development and assessment technologies used in these applications and performs measurement and analysis. The company’s strength lies in quickly providing consistent development and product evaluations, from fibers to products, serving as a collaborative R&D center that works with customers and leading local companies.

(Location) 19 Zhongyang Road, Nantong Economic & Technological Development Zone, Nantong Jiangsu 226009, China

Photo: Teijin Product Development China Co., Ltd.

●Teijin Frontier Thai Innovation Laboratory (Pathum Thani)

This laboratory develops spinning and post-processing technologies, centered on the polymers used as the base for polyester fibers. In addition, this laboratory will liaise with our Matsuyama Factory in Japan and Teijin Product Development China Co., Ltd. Through collaboration among these three sites in Asia, we will work to achieve high levels of performance and quality, develop cost-competitive products more efficiently, and cultivate R&D personnel.

Photo: Teijin Frontier Thai Innovation Laboratory