What We Do: Textile & Apparel Division Group

Fiber Materials & Apparel Division

Providing global solutions for a wide range of fields through the integrated capabilities of trading and manufacturing, from fibers to apparel, from its technology development department and production facilities

Fiber Materials & Apparel Division handle fiber and yarns and textiles for apparel and sportswear. The Division also has a department that is responsible for the management of supply chains for manufacturing. Division's Technology & Development Department provides steadfast support to these sales departments.

In addition to the factories of six group companies that undertake yarn texturing, weaving, knitting and processing, the Division operates a number of partner sewing factories, making it a global organization equipped with the capabilities of trading and manufacturing..

  • Technology & Development Department offers customers unique and advanced capabilities in quality control and the development of new materials and products.
  • Raw Material Sales Department deals with various types of yarns including chemically recycled yarn.
  • Textile Sales Department and Sports Sales Department offer highly functional and high-grade textiles to customers around the world. In addition, the department's wide use of ECO CIRCLE™, a closed-loop recycling system incorporating chemical recycling technology, has been contributing to lessening our environmental impact, including waste reduction, resource and energy savings, and lower CO2 emissions.
  • Six group companies and their factories under the Fiber Materials & Apparel Division apply their distinctive production technologies to provide solutions for customers in Japan, China, ASEAN countries and other parts of the world.

Fiber Materials & Apparel Division is an authority on fiber materials, providing global solutions that lead to promising futures for our customers in all fields of business.

Product lines
Fibers produced in Japan and overseas (polyester yarns, textured yarns, and fibers for different applications), various textiles (fashion apparel and sportswear).

Textile Division