Corporate Information

Corporate Philosophy

As a “global converter” that creates value, we offer customers optimal materials, products, and markets, thereby contributing to the realization of a safe, comfortable living environment and a more prosperous future.

This statement integrates the corporate philosophies of the former companies united by this merger, N.I. Teijin Shoji Co., Ltd. and Teijin Fibers Ltd. The executive officers and employees of Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd. will work in concert to achieve this corporate philosophy.

Action Guidelines

To weave a better tomorrow, we will strive to achieve greater results by steadfastly focusing on the principles of "3C1H" and uniting the originality and vigor that each of us possesses.

CHANGE Sense change and quickly respond to it.
CHALLENGE With an eye on the near and distant future, discover new possibilities and expand our limits.
CREATE Treasure flexible thinking and create new values.
HARMONY Respect each other’s differences and cultivate a new company spirit.

The Action Guidelines (3C1H) are intended to steer the former N.I. Teijin Shoji Co., Ltd. and Teijin Fibers Ltd. toward creating cutting-edge businesses and markets together. Our determination to open a new era with a pioneering spirit is expressed by the word “Frontier” in the company’s name. Consequently, we believe 3C1H (Change, Challenge, Create and Harmony), initially adopted by N.I. Teijin Shoji upon its establishment as a joint venture in 2001, is ideal for the new company as well.