Environmental / CSR

Promoting Environment-Friendly Business


The modern economy is characterized by large-scale resource extraction, production, consumption and waste.
These current-day economic activities are substantially exceeding the world's capacity, resulting in an unsustainable situation.
As a producer and consumer, we recognize the need to take responsibility for the earth in which we live.
While there are limits to what an individual company or person can achieve, through THINK ECO™ Teijin Frontier is doing what is possible now, moving ahead one step at a time. We take it as an everyday challenge to think more carefully about the items we provide and consider future generations. THINK ECO™ is the guideline for Teijin Frontier's environmental activities.

Diverse Products and Technologies Embodying Seven ECO Concepts

Promote recycling Reduce emissions of environmental pollutants Use organic cotton Use of raw materials derived from a plant Provide products that contribute to energy conservation Reduce the use of harmful chemical substances Adapt to climate change
We reduce CO2 and help improve society's overall resource efficiency by recycling and making use of used PET bottles and waste fiber materials. We contribute to clean water and air in society by filtering air and water with structures that have tiny pores, thereby enhancing their ability to trap pollutants. By using organic materials that have been certified by third parties, we help reduce environmental pollution and provide customers with products that are safe and secure We use plant-derived materials to create products that combine functionality and sensitivity, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and fossil fuel consumption. We develop and provide a host of products whose materials and shapes contribute to energy conservation, helping to reduce CO2 emissions and improve energy efficiency. We promote the development of manufacturing technologies that reduce the use of hazardous chemical substances and work to minimize health risks to people involved in manufacturing processes, as well as to our customers. We are promoting the development of adaptive products that contribute to comfort and disaster prevention in an effort to prepare for the health risks and natural disasters accompanying global warming, as we strive to be resilient in the future.