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This company was established as a manufacturing and sales location to serve the North American market in the area of automotive materials.

As an optimally located manufacturing and sales facility, the company will strengthen the Group's operational base as one corner of its four-location system (Japan, China, the ASEAN region and North America).


The company was established in February 2016 as a base for the Teijin Frontier Group's automotive materials business serving the North American market. Beginning by conducting market surveys and other marketing activities involving such automotive parts and materials as car seats, rubber materials and airbags, the company will expand its operations to include the sale of automotive parts and materials in the North American market.


Principal Office 1416. Terret South Tower Av. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 301, Col. Granada, Mexico City D.F. 11520 Mexico
Telephone/Facsimile Telephone: +52-55-1555-6983
President Atsushi Yamazaki
Established February 2016
Capital stock MXN 1,823,000
Shareholder Teijin Frontier (90%), TEIJIN FRONTIER (U.S.A.) INC. (10%)
Number of employees 3 (as of the end of June 2017)