Hokuriku Regional Office

The Hokuriku Regional Office is located in Fukui, one of the prefectures that make up the Hokuriku region, along with Ishikawa and Toyama. Since Japan's Edo period (1603?1868), the region has been known for the production of long-fiber textiles, such as silk. The region also became a hub for rayon during the Taisho period (1912?1926) and nylon and polyester during the postwar portion of the Showa period (1926?1989). As such, the Hokuriku region is one of Japan's leading textile centers, attracting a variety of textile-related companies involved in false-twisted and twisted yarns, preparation and warping, and dyeing and other processes. The region also has close ties with Japan's synthetic fiber manufacturers.

The Hokuriku Regional Office works with Teijin Group companies across the region, as well as affiliated textile companies in Hokuriku, deepening ties with various organizations and institutions and cooperating with related departments to promote and accelerate growth and development strategies.

Photo: Hokuriku Regional Office


5th Floor, Fukui Broadcasting Hall, 3-4-1 Ohte Fukui, Fukui 910-0005, Japan
Telephone : +81-776-22-7100
Facsimile : +81-776-22-7099

8-minute walk from the Fukui Station on the JR Line