SOLOTEX Comfort beyond words


Figure: Seven defining characteristics of SOLOTEX®®

Figure: Molecular Structure/ SOLOTEX® conceptual image

These are the seven defining characteristics of SOLOTEX® that derive from the unique molecular structure of the fiber. The molecules from a flexible spring-like helix that makes the fiber soft, light, stretchy, and shape-stable.SOLOTEX® can be used for clothing or in a wide range of materials, offering limitless possibilities because of its structure.

The Positioning of SOLOTEX®

SOLOTEX® is made from polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT), a type of polyester fiber.

Figure: The Positioning of  SOLOTEX®

SOLOTEX® product families

Logo: SOLOTEX® Multifilament

The standard series of SOLOTEX® multifilament yarns. A high thread count type with specially enhanced soft texture is also available.

Logo: SOLOTEX® Conjugate filament

The high-stretch series of SOLOTEX® multifilament yarns. Soft texture and superb shape recovery.

Logo: SOLOTEX® Staple fiber

The SOLOTEX® staple fiber series. Also available as non-clothing material in the form of nonwoven fabrics, cushioning material, and filling.

Logo: SOLOTEX® High Power Stretch filament

A high-power stretch hybrid that combines SOLOTEX® with ROICA® from Asahi Kasei Fibers.
Yarn properties of  SOLOTEX® and other leading materials (multifilament comparsion)

Table: SOLOTEX® and other leading materials

SOLOTEX® is a brand you can trust.

SOLOTEX® is patented in Japan and major countries around the globe.
The trademark is registered in 40 countries worldwide.

Super soft feel and smoothness for comfort
Icon: Soft & SmoothSoft & Smooth

The moment you touch it, you understand the softness of SOLOTEX®. It feels even softer than luxury cashmere wool. Smooth against the skin, it is more comfortable to wear than any fiber that has come before. Blending with other fibers does not affect its superb softness, while maintaining the beneficial qualities of blended fibers.

Table: Comparison of required strength when bending the fiber

Keeps its shape to look great
Icon: Form StabilityForm Stability

A spring-like, helical molecular structure provides from stability to "spring" back into shape even with movement. The fiber resists wrinkles and does not easily get stretched out from repeated bending at the knee or elbow, maintaining a beautiful shape at all times. There is also little shrinkage or stretch even after repeated machine washings and tumble drying, demonstrating superb dimensional stability.

Figure: Dynamic bagging test

Figure: Post-washing dimensional stability (10 machine wash cycles)/ Post-tumble-dry dimensional stability (5 tumble drying cycles)

Stretchiness that feels great, with no stress
Icon: Comfortable StretchComfortable Stretch

SOLOTEX® is surprisingly free of any feeling of pressure, even following the lines of the body.
It expands and contracts in any direction with the body's movement, feeling truly comfortable and allowing for free movement. SOLOTEX® is ideal for tight-fitting bottom wear and active clothing.

Graph: Stretchability comparison at load of 15 N

Harmonizes well with other fibers for even greater potential
Icon: HarmonizeHarmonize

SOLOTEX® is easy to combine with other fibers. It is highly compatible with both synthetic and natural fibers, for blending as desired. The fiber will add a soft texture to improve the feel against the skin, and it provides superb stretch and recovery from elongation. It is possible to add new texture and new functionality while bringing out the characteristics of the blended fiber.

The ideal cushioning with fluffy rebound
Icon: ReboundRebound

Soft and cushion-like, akin to a marshmallow. Maintains bounce even after repeated compressions and quickly recovers its fluffy volume. Because of its high durability, SOLOTEX® retains its unique texture for a long time. These characteristics are best utilized in coats, pillows, futons, and other items with filling.

Graph: ソフトクッション性/嵩回復

Deep, vivid colors that last.
Icon: Deep & Rich ColorDeep & Rich Color

Outstanding color development is a key element for fashion applications. SOLOTEX® is very easy to dye, producing deep, vivid colors with a high-grade feel even when processing at lower temperatures than conventional methods. Extremely colorfast for long-lasting dyed color that won't fade. For creating striking textiles as envisioned.

Graph: 染色温度と染料吸尽率

Figure: 98℃での実用濃色染色

Plant-derived eco-friendly ingredients
Icon: EcologyEcology

Plant-derived ingredients are used for 37% of the polymers that make up SOLOTEX®. The fabric thus reduces consumption of fosil fuels, and helps cut down on greenhouse gases. SOLOTEX® is an eco-friendly fiber that is kind to people and on the environment.

Figure: ソロテックス®の構成図