TECHNO FORCE™/T9600  New! lightweight and high tenacity fabrics used to marine sports and kite-boardings sports

TECHNO FORCE™/T9600 is designed with high density structure using high tenacity polyester yarn. And it is reputed as lightness, high tearing strength, and high endurance.
TEIJIN has long time connections with major marine sport makers and our "TECHNO FORCE™/T9600"is quite famous as fine special fabric in this fields.
"TECHNO FORCE™/T9600" fabric is the most suitable for main wing canopy. Therefore almost manufactures are adopting our "TECHNO FORCE™/T9600" for their brands.
Kite-Boarding sport

Kite-boarding is a new exciting marine sport for the new century. This sport is very easy to start, so getting popular sport,especially in Western seaside. Now the population of Kite-boarding is growing rapidly.

Kite-boarding is also getting popular sport in Japan in recent years. You can see many people playing kite-boarding seaside in Japan like this picture. Of course, almost of kites are using "TECHNO FORCE™/T9600".

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Kite brands

NORTH /NAISH /F-ONE /SLING SHOT /BEST /OZONE /...,famed major brands are adopting
"TECHNO FORCE™/T9600", and it has a 90% market share in our estimate.