Aerodynamic Polyester

This thread has a highly hollow structure to trap a large amount of air in the fiber itself by virtue of its large hollow space. The hollowness has been created to the extreme so that it can hold a large amount of air to make it a light weight and comfortable polyester material.


Light and warm because it contains a large amount of dead air.

Main features
Light and warm by the structure that the yarn has a big hollow.

Sportswear,intimate apparel,outerwear, etc. are and it is utilized as an apparel applications and cotton pad materials, such as bedding.

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Built on the favorable characteristic of hollow synthetic staple fiber, we further divided the hollow space into three sections to make it “three hollow sections” and achieved a spiral structure with a wool-like twist on the fiber itself. This created an even larger number of advantages such as soft comfort which lasts for a long time. This is an revolutionary material.
Examples and applications
Wadding material for comforter, futon, cushion, pillow and clothes