Black Formal   Material for formal wear featuring deep black


This black formal material is a material with ultimate black as a culmination of all the technologies that Teijin Fibers possesses including raw materials (polymers), spinning, thread processing, weaving and dyeing. This material is not only has the blackness, but also a luxurious texture and excellent tailor ability required for formal wear.

Main features
Deep black and a luxurious feel appropriate for formal occasions

SILBLACK® features sophisticated control of light using three technologies - raw material design optimized for black dyeing, a crucial selection of dye and color-deepening agent, and fabric structure and surface finish. This is a high-end material developed for black formal wear.

This is a first-class black formal material which realizes the feminine silhouette and features a soft texture, in addition to deep black and alluring tailor ability requisite for black formal wear.

This is a luxurious and delicate stretchy material with a texture of worsted wool which features abundant puffiness and soft texture created by a combination of random texture and core-in-sheath structure.

In order to realize a texture of high-end worsted wool, we combined our formal black technologies employing nanotechnologies from the raw thread level to post-processing technology. This is an authentic ultra-thin wool-like material that realizes both ultra fine texture and refined black.