About Artificial Leather

Photo: About Artificial Leather

The latest artificial leather material was developed in response to the question: Is it possible to overcome the weaknesses of natural leather and impart functions not possible with natural leather with an artificial leather having a fiber layer with random three-dimensional conformation and a polymer material layer having a continuous microporous structure? Teijin Cordley Limited is the global leader in the utilization of cutting-edge technologies in functions and environments.

Cordley® Features

Cordley® is the brand name for artificial leather manufactured and sold by Teijin Cordley Limited that is widely used for sporting goods such as shoes and balls, as well as casual footwear, automobile steering wheel covers, clothing accessories, miscellaneous goods, school bags and other products.

With a structure similar to natural leather, Cordley® is easy to care for, lightweight and tough.

Depending on the thickness of the fibers, artificial leather comes in two types: regular and ultrafine micro, which are used for sports applications that require a higher degree of strength and more sensitive softness required applications, respectively.

As always, the use of Teijin Group materials and their functions are environmentally friendly.

(Utilization of ECOPET® recycled polyester fibers)

In addition, a variety of surface designs are possible and can be reproduced in accordance with customer color and pattern requests.

Application 1: Sports Shoes and Balls

Photo: Sports Shoes and Balls

Cordley® offers lightweight, softness and strength, used for soccer and running shoes, as well as basketball and soccer balls.

Application 2: Casual Footwear

Photo: Casual Footwear

In addition to being lightweight and soft, Cordley® also offers breathability and is popularly used in casual footwear for women and men.

Application 3: Automobiles

Photo: Automobiles

Cordley® durability (wear and sunlight resistance) makes it an excellent material for automobile steering wheel covers.

Application 4: School Bags

Photo: School Bags

Offering lightweight, durability and breathability, Cordley® is used to make school bags having a variety of colors.