Main features
WAVERON™ is a non-transparent material. In addition, it is a type with four flat peaks that has the characteristics of being sweat absorbent and quick drying, soft and flexible. Different fabrication techniques can give it a variety of functionalities to be applied to many purposes.
What is WAVERON™ with its four flat peaks like?
This is a functional fabric with a fresh texture featuring a unique cross section of four flat peaks. A different fabrication technique can give it a different and varied functionality to be applied to many purposes.
Non-transparency and non-recognize ability
A flattened cross section made it possible to solve the issue of transparency when it is dyed with a light color which could not be solved to date.
Sweat absorbing and fast drying
An air gap between fibers made by its cross-sectional shape absorbs water and grooves on the fiber surface speed up diffusion.
Soft and flexible texture
A flattened cross section makes the fabric easy to bend, which gives it unique flexibility and draping property. In addition, its unique cross-sectional shape and fabrications to take advantage of the other characteristics of raw thread can give it additional properties such as UV cutting, wind-breaking and water resisting properties to broaden its range of applications as a fashion material.


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WAVERON™(for clothes)
This is a new non-transparent material. Different fabrication techniques gives it a variety of functionalities to make it applicable to many purposes. (Some types do not have non-transparency.)
Examples and applications
A fabrication technique taking advantage of a unique cross-sectional shape and the other characteristics of the raw thread gives it features such as sweat-absorption, UV cutting, wind breaking, and water resistance. These functionalities broaden its range of applications to inner wear, sports wear and fashion materials.


WAVERON™(for interior)
This is a material for curtains, which takes in light from outside during the day and is difficult to see through not only during the day but also during the night. It protects your privacy.
Examples and applications
Curtain material that is difficult to see through