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Evolving Tirelessly to Create a More Abundant Society

Photo: Shinji Nikko President Chief Executive Officer

Shinji Nikko President Chief Executive Officer

The Teijin Frontier Group, a Teijin Group company, is the world's only business entity involved in the integrated manufacture and sales of fibers, which it conducts through its core Polyester Fibers & Trading and Retail business.

Our wide-ranging supply chain, which extends from the manufacture of yarns to retail development, and our examination and analysis of customer needs supports our ability to develop more highly differentiated products. We believe that this ability will enable us to create and offer products and services that are not yet on the market and that fit customer needs more than ever before.

Furthermore, we anticipate that we will become able to respond more swiftly than ever before to a maturing and increasingly uncertain market through consistent development and production in a range of fields spanning from yarns and materials to product manufacturing.

Since April 2017, we have championed our corporate message, "Life Evolves With Fibers." To date, our Group's mission has been to contribute to progress in lives and lifestyles by creating fibers and chemical products, including resins and films. By succeeding in this mission, we will earn recognition from society for our existing value as a company. At the same, I am firmly convinced that we will drive corporate evolution by continuing to create new value.

I ask for your ongoing support and encouragement of the Teijin Frontier Group as we continue working to realize an even more beautiful environment and a more prosperous future.

Shinji Nikko

President Chief Executive Officer