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Evolving Tirelessly to Create a More Abundant Society

Photo: Shinji Nikko President Chief Executive Officer

Shinji Nikko President Chief Executive Officer

Teijin Frontier, a core company of Teijin Limited's Fibers & Products Converting Group, will integrate with the polyester fiber business of Teijin's High Performance Fibers Business Unit, evolving into the world's only business entity involved in the integrated manufacture and sales of fibers.

As a result, we will create two new management resources, further enhancing our services to customers.

The first of these resources will be the ability to develop more highly differentiated products, leveraging our broad-ranging supply chain spanning the manufacture of polymer for polyester fiber to retail business. As a result, we will be able to provide products that meet customers' needs even better than in the past, as well as to create and supply products not yet available in the market.

The second resource will be the ability to respond even more swiftly than in the past with consistent development and production as we move from yarns to materials and commercialization. Operating in a maturing market characterized by uncertainty, these resources will be powerful tools in our effort to win out in the marketplace, along with our customers.

Rapidly creating these management resources will lead to the company's further growth and development.

Furthermore, in April 2017 Teijin Frontier unveiled a new corporate message: "Life Evolves With Fibers."

To date, our mission has been to contribute to progress in lives and lifestyles by creating fibers and chemical products, including resins and films. By succeeding in this mission, we will earn recognition throughout the world for our existing value as a company. At the same, I am firmly convinced that we will drive corporate evolution by continuing to create new value.

I ask for your ongoing support and encouragement of Teijin Frontier as we continue working to realize a more prosperous future.

Shinji Nikko

President Chief Executive Officer