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CSR Procurement


Teijin Frontier brings stability to its operations and enhances its corporate value by actively engaging in initiatives as a company that promotes responsible conduct in activities that affect social and environmental problems.

Promotion Action Policy

As the leading company of Teijin Limited's Fibers & Products Converting Group, Teijin Frontier has formulated a CSR Procurement Basic Policy and corresponding standards based on the corporate philosophy and Corporate Code of Conduct of the Teijin Group, and promotes CSR procurement accordingly.

To contribute to the creation of a sustainable society, Teijin Frontier promotes CSR procurement while cooperating and collaborating with business partners as a member of civil society.

CSR Procurement Basic Policy

Basic Procurement Policy

  1. Compliance with the law
  2. Fair and equitable transactions
  3. Appropriate selection of business partners
  4. Blocking of relationships with antisocial forces
  5. Harmonious and mutually prosperous relationship with society

Procurement Policy Regarding Human Rights, Labor, and Environment

  1. Respect for human rights
  2. Securing of occupational health and safety
  3. Conservation of the environment

Promotion Organization

Following the launch of the CSR Procurement Strategy Project in 2011 and the establishment of the CSR Procurement Strategy Office, we set up the CSR Procurement Strategy Section inside the Environment, Safety and Quality Assurance Office in April 2017.

By cooperating with the Compliance Risk Management (CRM) and Quality Assurance Section within the same Office, we aim to share information with suppliers and promote CSR procurement activities.

Figure: Promotion Organization

Promotion Methods

We repeat the PDCA cycle in supply chain management, and when detecting a problem, we work out improvement measures together with suppliers, and provide ongoing support.

Figure: Supply chain management PDCA cycle

CSR Procurement Promotion Activities

  1. Clarification of requirements to (and raising of corresponding awareness among) suppliers
    • Formulation of CSR Procurement Standards, distribution, and explanation to suppliers
  2. Gauging of supplier conditions and provision of support
  3. Education of, and provision of information to, stakeholders
  4. Response to social trends

CSR Procurement Standards

Teijin Frontier has formulated CSR Procurement Standards (guidelines) for suppliers, and established a basic policy and standards.

The CSR Procurement Standards call on companies and various countries to improve human rights protections and labor environments, and comply with international guidelines such as the United Nations' Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and with laws and regulations of various countries.

■Basic Policies

Prohibit discrimination
◎Prohibit forced labor
◎Prohibit child labor
Protect juvenile workers
◎Protect migrant workers
Set working hours and provision of holidays
Respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
Prohibit disciplinary practices
Show consideration for health and safety
Determine environmental requirements
Prevent corruption and comply with ethical business practices

We distribute our CSR Procurement Standards to Japanese and overseas suppliers selected based on company standards, and strive to have our suppliers understand and cooperate with Teijin Frontier's CSR Procurement Basic Policy and standards.

Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ)

Our suppliers are asked to complete self-assessment questionnaires (SAQ), which allow us to gauge supplier conditions in terms of labor, safety and health, environment, and quality. On this basis, we prepare plans to implement fact-finding surveys (audits).

Photo: Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ)

Implementation of Fact-Finding surveys (Audits)

Based on the basic policy and standards presented in the CSR Procurement Standards, we conduct fact-finding surveys to gauge work and labor safety.

Document screening stage
Photo: Document screening stage
On-site survey (prior to improvements)

Photo: On-site survey (prior to improvements)(1)

Photo: On-site survey (prior to improvements)(2)

Photo: On-site survey (prior to improvements)(3)


On-site survey (following improvements)

Photo: On-site survey (following improvements)(1)

Photo: On-site survey (following improvements)(2)

Photo: On-site survey (following improvements)(3)

Organization of Internal Training and Seminars

To ensure internal dissemination of CSR procurement, we conduct employee training sessions at Japanese and overseas sites, in which recent topics related to CSR are discussed.

Photo: Organization of Internal Training and Seminars(1)

Photo: Organization of Internal Training and Seminars(2)

Photo: Organization of Internal Training and Seminars(3)

Organization of External Training and Seminars

We conduct seminars to raise awareness of CSR procurement with the aim of ensuring thorough compliance with local laws and protection of human rights in overseas production areas that have attracted a large number of Japanese companies as manufacturing hubs for apparel products.

Photo: Organization of External Training and Seminars

Photo: Seminar in VietnamSeminar in Vietnam

Photo: Training Completion CertificateTraining Completion Certificate

Past seminars

Year Month Location
2014 December Vietnam
2015 June Vietnam
2015 November Vietnam
2016 August Vietnam
2017 August Vietnam
2017 November Myanmar
2018 August Vietnam
August 22, 2018
Supply Chain CSR Seminar - 6 in Vietnam

33 companies 68 people participated

Speakers of this seminar were ILO (International Labor Organization), GAIA, VCCI, MOLISA(Ministry of Labour Invalids and Social Affairs), Energetic Green. We had the opportunity to think about child labor, safety and health , environmental problems with Vietnamese companies, Japanese companies in Vietnam.

Adherence to International Norms and Participation in International Initiatives

To assume responsibility in resolving issues facing the global community, the Teijin Group believes it is necessary to not only comply with the laws and regulations of various countries, but also observe global standards that are internationally recognized, and it accordingly participates in the following international initiatives.

■United Nations Global Compact

An initiative to resolve global challenges that was officially launched at the United Nations Headquarters in 2000.
Activities by Teijin Frontier:
We are working to discuss issues faced in CSR procurement, and produce outputs that aim to resolve such issues.

■Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)

Founding objective:
Reduce the environmental and social impact of apparel/footwear products and home textile.
Member companies:
Adidas, Burberry, Disney, Fast Retailing, GAP, H&M, Inditex, New Balance, Nike, Patagonia, Puma, and others
Activities by Teijin Frontier:
We participate in meetings that bring together all SAC members.

Acquisition of International Standards and Certifications


Teijin Frontier Group companies actively promote sustainable initiatives, and have acquired certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

[Main group companies that have acquired the ISO 9001/ISO 14001 certifications for their plants]

Photo: The ISO 9001 (left) and ISO 14001 (right) certifications acquired by Nantong Teijin Co., Ltd., a company that specializes in the dyeing of polyester filament fabrics.The ISO 9001 (left) and ISO 14001 (right) certifications acquired by Nantong Teijin Co., Ltd., a company that specializes in the dyeing of polyester filament fabrics.

Teijin Modern Yarn Co., Ltd. ISO9001, ISO14001
Frontier TEX Limited ISO9001, ISO14001
Nantong Teijin Co., Ltd. ISO9001, ISO14001
Thai Namsiri Intertex Co., Ltd. ISO9001, ISO14001
Teijin Modern Yarn Nantong Co., Ltd. ISO14001