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A sheath-core fiber that uses Octa™ filament as its core material.

This is a multilayer sheath-core fiber that combines Octa™ hollow, eight-fin polyester fibers at its core and other chemical or natural-staple fibers in the sheath. In addition to the bulkiness and moisture management of Octa™, it can offer a versatile range of other properties or textures based on the fibers chosen for its sheath.


01 Cross Section

Octa™ has a unique cross section comprising eight projections, or fins, aligned in a radial pattern around a tube-like fiber. Octa™Neo combines the low weight, high bulkiness, water absorption and water diffusion of Octa™ with the texture and softness of staple fibers selected for each application. Octa™Neo also offers stiffness, stretchiness and breathability.



Sportswear, Inner-wear

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