Super fibers is born

First in the world. 700 nanometer ultra fine polyester nanofiber "Nanofront™".

Not just for novelty, If we work for the true potential of a material, not just for novelty, to what extent can fibers evolve? Continuous research and development and state-of-the-art nanotechnology at Teijin answer the question. Here comes the world’s first 700 nanometer ultra fine polyester nanofiber ;".Nanofront™;".. The new ;".island-in-sea;". composite spinning technology has solved the problem of unstable quality associated with conventional mass-production nanofibers. The surface area woven in long fibers structure could be tens of times greater than conventional fibers. This enhances water absorption, absorbability of particulates, and anti-translucency. The texture feels soft to the skin, and reduces irritation drastically. Suitable for a variety of applications, including functional sportswear, innerwear, skin care products, antibacterial filter, precision grinding cloth, etc. Teijin ;".Nanofront™;". opens the future for fibers at last.

No slippage

The surface area of Nanofront™ with 700 nm diameter is tens of times greater than normal fibers. Furthermore, since the nano-scale unevenness on the surface of the fabric using Nanofront™ generates greater frictional force, it exhibits a great gripping power, allowing for a very little slippage or movement. The perfect fit makes the fiber suitable for gloves, innerwear, supporters, etc.

Gentle to the skin

The flexibility of fibers is inversely proportional to the 4th power of the size of a fiber. For example, compared to regular polyester fibers (15μm in diameter), Nanofront™ is 200,000 times more flexible. Because of the soft texture, skin damage due to friction has been drastically reduced. It is ideal for skin care products, innerwear, underwear, etc.


Since thinner fibers increases the vaporization area, Nanofront™ with 700 nm diameter has excellent cooling property. It absorbs and diffuses sweat quickly and prevents an increase in body temperature. Furthermore, because of the capillary tube effect and the absorbability of the fiber, it exhibits excellent water absorption and water retention properties. It is ideal for sportswear.

Wiping is easy

In general, it is not possible to wipe off oil films of a few micron thickness with conventional fibers. With its 700 nm diameter, which is a lot thinner than oil films and micro-dust, and the clearance between fibers, Nanofront™ makes wiping easy. It is recommended for wiping cloths, sebum removal, etc.


Nanofront™ realizes excellent diffusion and deflection properties with its 700 nm diameter nanosize fibers. It is very thin but offers less transparency to make it hard to see through the textile. As nanosize fibers fill narrow spaces tightly, it also functions as a barrier.

This makes it ideal for curtains, uniforms, interior materials, etc.