WARMAL™  Ceramic-blended thermal wadding material

  • Re-radiation of far-infrared heat
    WARMAL™ keeps your body warm by re-radiating far-infrared heat produced from special ceramic.
    WARMAL™ is woven into the outer fiber layer to ensure excellent heat retention performance.
  • Comfortable heat retention
    WARMAL™ has higher heat retention compared to regular polyester.
    The thermal effect increases as you use WARMAL™ products, while keeping your body comfortable without sweating.
  • Performance remains the same after repeated washing
Ceramic-blended wadding material

Ceramic-blended wadding materialBecause it's far-infrared, it's warm. WARMAL™ is a new type of wadding material with Zirconium Silicate Ceramic woven into the outer fiber layer.
WARMAL™ can rapidly absorb the far-infrared heat released by your body, before releasing it and absorbing again, keeping your body always warm.


WARMAL™ is used as wadding material in bedding items like futon mattresses.