Global Network


Group Companies

Name of the company Location Business
TEIKEN LIMITED Osaka Manufacture and sale of products for healthcare, comfort, disaster prevention and safety
FOLKNER LIMITED Okayama Production, sale, inspection, adjustment and distribution of apparel
TEIJIN ASSOCIA RETAIL LIMITED Tokyo Sale of men's and women's clothing, household goods and cosmetics
TEIJIN MODERN YARN CO., LTD. Ishikawa Development, manufacture and sale of special textured yarn and knitted fabric
TEIJIN FRONTIER STYLE CO., LTD. Gifu Operation of a women's apparel business for department stores and specialty stores.
TEIJIN LOGISTICS CO., LTD. Osaka Trucking, freight forwarding and warehousing
TEISHO SANGYO CO., LTD. Fukui Collection and sorting of bobbins and packaging materials;
transportation and storage of yarn and woven fabrics;
and manufacture and sale of reclaimed wool products
SHINWA LIMITED Ishikawa Manufacture of synthetic finished yarn and knitted fabrics
TEIKYO LACE CO., LTD. Shiga Knitted fabric production and manufacture of top-dyed and piece-dyed fabric
FRONTIER TEX LTD. Fukui Manufacture of synthetic fabric
TOHO TEXTILE CO., LTD. Osaka Manufacture and sale of a variety of synthetic spun yarns, circular knitted fabrics and clothing made from jersey cloth
TEXET LIMITED Tokyo Design, development and sale of products related to household consumer goods
CROSS WORLD INC. Tokyo Design, production and sale of apparel and bags
TEIJIN FRONTIER APPAREL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Fukuoka Production, processing and sale of apparel
KANSAISHIZAI CO., LTD. Hyogo Textile processing
UNISEL CO., LTD. Yamaguchi Manufacture and sale of nonwoven fabric
TEIJIN CORDLEY LIMITED Osaka Manufacture, processing and sale of artificial and synthetic leather, as well as related research and development
TEIJIN TEDY CO., LTD. Ehime Manufacture and cord processing related to polyester filament and staple fibers
TEIJIN FRONTIER SENSING CO., LTD. Fukuoka Development and sale of wearable products
TEIJIN FRONTIER DG CO., LTD. Niigata Design, manufacture and sale of synthetic woven fabrics