Corporate Information


As of July 1, 2021

President and Chief Executive Officer Yasunari Hirata
Director,Executive Vice President Tetsushi Suzuki Chief Officer,Textile & Apparel Division Group
Director,Executive Officer Ryuji Sakane General Manager,Corporate Strategy & Planning Division
Director,Corporate Officer Yukihiro Shigemura General Manager,Technology & Production Division / Officer of New Business Development Office/ General Manager,Sustainability Strategy Development Department/ President,TEIJIN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CHINA CO., LTD.
Director,Corporate Officer Masahiro Ikeda General Manager, Finance & Accounting Division
Director(Non executive) Akimoto Uchikawa TEIJIN LIMITED Director, Executive Officer
Director(Outside) Masatoshi Ohara Kikkawa Law Offices Representative Partner Lawyer
Director(Outside) Jun Ishii TDK Corporation Outside Statutory Auditor
Director(Outside) Mari Inoue Professor of Graduate School of Human Development and Environment, Kobe University
Statutory Auditor Minoru Yoshida
Statutory Auditor (Non executive) Masanori Shimai TEIJIN LIMITED Statutory Auditor
Statutory Auditor(Outside) Kazuhiko Takao Specially Appointed Professor of Faculty of Business Administration, Konan University
Statutory Auditor(Outside) Teruo Watanuma Representative of Watanuma Certified Public Accountant Office Certified Public Accountant
Corporate Officer Susumu Kamata Chief Officer,Industrial Textiles & Materials Division Group
Corporate Officer Soichi Miyado General Manager, Staple Fiber Materials Division
Corporate Officer Takashi Murayama Assistant Chief Officer,Textile & Apparel Division Group/ President,Teijin Frontier Knitting Co., Ltd
Corporate Officer Yasuhide Yabe Assistant Chief Officer,Textile & Apparel Division Group/ Representative, Tokyo Branch
Corporate Officer Kenichi Haruta President & Chief Executive Officer, TEIJIN FRONTIER (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD.
Corporate Officer Haruhisa Ohba General Manager, Personnel & General Affairs Division
Corporate Officer Shigenori Ogasawara General Manager,Textile & Apparel Division Ⅲ
Corporate Officer Yoshihiro Aono General Manager,Life Products Division