We support the society of the future, support environment-friendly
manufacturing and systems under the corporate message “Life Evolves with Fibers.”

Environmental Strategy and Goals

Our 3 Priority Goals

Committed to the use of environment-friendly materials

To conserve our planet’s limited resources, we will remain proactive in using raw materials from recycled sources. We will also develop materials that make use of resources available in the natural world.

Products made with environment-friendly raw materials
リサイクル 50%以上、植物由来 10%以上

Products that can be manufactured with environment-friendly materials: 100%
(by FY 2030)

Committed to maintaining the purity of our oceans and atmosphere

In our manufacturing operations, we will protect the oceans and atmosphere by minimizing the use of, and preventing the release of, environmentally harmful chemical substances.

Products that protect
the environment

Percentage of our products that contribute to a cleaner environment when in use: More than 10%
(by FY 2030)

Committed to an
energy-efficient lifestyle

We will focus on minimizing our energy consumption attributable to manufacturing. Moreover, we will offer products with functions that enhance energy efficiency and other aspects of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Products amenable to resource-efficient manufacturing

Percentage of our products that are energy-efficient when in use: More than 10%
(by FY 2030)