Corporate Information

Message from the Management

Creating Solutions to Support the Society of the Future,
Daring to Advance with Our Frontier Spirit.

Teijin Frontier is a company that fuses two differing origin stories—as a manufacturer and as a trading company. We have a dual perspective: remaining committed to creating unprecedented products and services, and staying ahead of global trends to swiftly respond to the needs of the market. Our strength come from the synergy generated by these two perspectives of our hybrid organization; something unparalleled in the textile industry.

Our modern lives continue to progress at a dizzying pace, yet society faces a great deal of issues, including environmental issues. It’s our belief that fibers can create many solutions to solve these social issues.

For example, in an effort to contribute to realize a sustainable society, we recycle our materials for use in clothing, interior design, and in construction materials. We further offer society safety and security with the reinforcing materials we provide for use in concrete and tires. Moreover, in response to the advent of an aging society, we also supply products to support the healthcare and nursing care sectors.

This is how fibers are used in every aspect of our lives. It’s our belief that our value as a company is in how we advance people’s lives through the fibers we manufacture—our very corporate message is “Life Evolves with Fibers.” We will continue to work towards the evolution of people’s lives while harnessing this driving force by working with, not only our worldwide corporate network, but also with external partners with the latest knowledge in their fields and with government and academia.

We shall dare to advance into the future with our daring frontier spirit and come up with the many solutions that we are certain can support the society of the future.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Yasunari Hirata