Textiles & Apparel

Developing a diverse range of businesses
ranging from materials to finished products.

Supported by our capacity for technological development, we are conducting global rollouts of clothing products and other materials that are used in a wide variety of garments that are necessary in many situations encountered in our daily lives, including our original Fibers and fabrics.


Teijin Frontier is developing a diverse range of high-performance Fibers that are adjusted to fit a variety of needs and applications.We also offer environmentally friendly Fibers that contain recycled and plant-derived materials.


With foundational support from our original textile materials and our capacity for technological development, we are creating sophisticated textiles with high added value in apparel-related fields, including fashion, casual wear, sportswear and uniforms.


We are conducting a wide range of product development that includes the production of brand-name products (OEM) in the fields of fashion and sports apparel, as well as production that includes a design phase (ODM).

Original Fabrics and Products

Key original materials

SOLOTEXTM, a high-performance fiber

SOLOTEXTM is a fiber created using polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT). It has a stretchiness that comes from its spiral, spring-like molecular structure and sports a soft texture. SOLOTEXTM is also easily blended with other natural and synthetic fibers.

DELTAPEAKTM series, high-performance textiles

Through our DELTAPEAKTM series, we have made it possible to develop woven, knitted fabrics that offer flat fabric surfaces that contain the lowest possible amount of distortion, superior functionality and high-quality texture.

ECOPETTM, a material with reduced environmental impact

ECOPETTM is polyester products (fibers, textiles, garments, and goods) made from recycled sources: various types of polyester waste, through the mechanical or chemical recycle process. It enables the effective use of the limited natural resources.
By effectively utilizing natural resources, we are helping to substantially reduce negative environmental impact.

NANOFRONTTM, a high-performance nanofiber

NANOFRONTTM is first nanofiber in the world to boast a diameter of 700 nanometers. It sports comparatively high levels of water absorption, absorbability of particulates, and anti-transparent, as well as a soft texture. Applications for NANOFRONTTM are expanding to include sportswear and underwear, as well as various daily commodities and industrial materials.

Development of wearable cosmetics

RaffinanTM, Japan’s first wearable cosmetic

Taking care to protect skin health, we have used our fiber technologies, which we cultivated over many years, to develop and sell Japan’s first wearable cosmetic.

Global production bases for apparel fabrics and apparel

Our Japanese and overseas Group companies are collaborating to build global production systems for fabrics and apparel. Utilizing our development and production facilities in Japan, China and other regions in Southeast Asia, we are producing need-fulfilling products in optimal locations while working to expand our apparel business, which systematically provides a variety of commodities ranging from materials to finished products.