Teijin Frontier Group Environmental Policy

  1. 1.We promote environmentally friendly business and contribute to the preservation of the planet by providing product and service solutions aligned with our corporate philosophy.
  2. 2.We aim to reduce our environmental impact on the planet and on local communities through prevention of environmental pollution in our supply chain. We do this by engaging in environmentally-friendly practices and education, and raising awareness of eco-friendly practices with our suppliers.
  3. 3.We apply the principles of Lean Manufacturing in our operations and aim to eliminate "MURI", "MURA", and "MUDA"* in our operations through the engagement of all our Group members. In this way, by striving for energy savings, reducing waste and through effective use of resources, we can contribute to the creation of a low-carbon society.
    * "MURI", "MURA", and "MUDA" mean irrationality, irregularity, and waste.
  4. 4.We comply with all applicable domestic and international environmental laws and regulations as well as agreements and standards defined by our Group.
  5. 5.We maintain an Environmental Management System covering all our operations. We regularly review and continuously improve this system in line with new requirements and changes in our operations.
1st April, 2021
Yasunari Hirata
President Chief Executive Officer
Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd.