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Sweat-absorbent quick dry polyester fiber

CALCULO™ is a polyester fiber that is not only sweat-absorbent and quick drying but also features good washing resistance due to hydrophilic treatment.
Textured yarn of a random cross-sectional shape never seen before has been greatly modified using our own special polyester textured technique.
This highly functional fiber has also a lightweight feel and is dry to the touch.


01 Sweat-absorbency, quick-drying and dry to the touch

Teijin has developed an advanced highly functional fiber with a lightweight feel and dry to the touch, as well as good washing resistance and sweat-absorbing and quick-drying capabilities. This is a never-seen-before textured yarn with a random cross-sectional shape and deep grooves has resulted in the success of a sweat-absorbent quick-dry fiber with excellent properties. Moreover, the new yarn is highly functional and has an extremely large inter-fiber space that gives it a lightweight feel and dry to the touch.

Individual yarns have random cross-sectional shapes in the direction of the fiber axis.
Random cross-sectional shape with deep grooves.


casual sports wear, fashionable clothes.

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