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Highly flame resistant polyester material.

Its no use of halogen makes it environmentally friendly. Further, it does not emit hazardous cyan gas or halogen gas at all when it is incinerated under forced combustion, and emits only a small quantity of carbonmonoxide and smoke.


01 Fire-retardancy

SUPER EXTAR™ boasts a high-level of performance as a fire-retardant polyester. It has passed the standards of the strict Fire Services Act for many fields that require flame-proofing performance. For example, it has passed the standards of the Fire Services Act and of government ordinances for use as a curtain. In addition to the above, it has been confirmed that the flame-proofing agent utilized in SUPER EXTAR™ rarely causes dermatitis or allergies, and is not carcinogenic.

02 No toxic gas

SUPER EXTAR™ contains a non-halogen-based flame-proofing agent uniquely developed by TEIJIN that is chemically bonded within the polyester fiber. Because this is not a superficial treatment, flame-proofing performance that is excellent in durability can be achieved. Moreover, even when SUPER EXTAR™ is forcibly burned, toxic gases such as cyan gas and halogen gas will not be generated. Carbon monoxide and smoke are generated only in a very small amount, if at all.

03 Features other than flame retardancy

Difficult to wrinkle or to shrink Rich expressions are possible with different colors and patterns Colors harder to become lost through washing Colors harder to become faded by sunlight


flame-proofing blankets, materials for automobiles, curtains and bedding ,etc.,

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