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Ultra-fine polyester fiber

The surface area of textile made by ultra-fine polyester fiber could be tens of times greater than conventional fibers. This enhances  functions of non-slip, wiping performance, thermal barrier and anti-transparent. The texture feels soft to the skin, and reduces irritation drastically.


01 Non-slip

The surface density of fabric made with 「NANOFRONT」 is about 10 times greater than other fabrics. And since the undulations are at the nano-level, the fiber surface produces a large frictional force for strong gripping power.

02 Soft

The suppleness of a fiber is inversely proportional to the fiber's thickness to the fourth power. For example, compared to normal polyester fiber with a diameter of 15μm, 「NANOFRONT」 is 200,000 times more supple. The improved softness means less stress from friction on the skin.


03 Easy wiping

Micron-level thick oily residue has proved difficult to wipe clean with current fabrics. 「NANOFRONT」's 700-nanometer diameter fibers are much smaller than oil and fine dust, making it excellent for wiping clean even minute particles.

04 Thermal barrier

Made of 700-nanometer diameter fibers, the woven fabric is lightweight and high-density, allowing it to reflect near infrared light that transmits heat.


Glove, Inner wear, Footwear, Skincare-product, Dust cloth, Parasol, Window-shades, Bedding

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